Divine Brawl

Welcome to Divine Brawl, the Rock / Paper / Scissors of Gods! As young gods, summon mighty heroes to get the upper hand on your opponent. During fights choose wisely which heroes to send to the brawl according to their strength and weakness and tip the balance in your favor with simple, fun and quick mini-games!

Gather multiple Heroes, have them evolve and give them access to powerful skills!

Assemble the best team then face other players around the world in the Divine Brawl.


Collect dozens of colorful heroes coming from various quirky universes. Combine smartly your heroes to get the best from their skills and assemble the ultimate team. Face your opponent through plenty of mini-games to win the brawl in fast two winning rounds fights. Progress though leagues as your wins go by all the way to the top to face the best worldwide players of Divine Brawl. Earn temples to unlock wonderful rewards, collect new heroes and upgrade those you already own.

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